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Dr. Ajith K Shetty

Back Bone of Our Clinic...!!!
BDS - M.C.O.D.S, Manipal

Dr. Ajith Shetty, S/o. Kedambady Padmavathi and Katapady Honnayya Shetty ( of Navayuga fame) joined A.T.Rai Dental Clinic in 1972, after doing his graduation in Dental Surgery from Kasturba Medical College, Manipal. Dr. Shetty picked up the cue from Dr. Rai and strived to uphold the name of his Master and Mentor, and has been successful in that direction. As the saying goes “Serving to Grow, Growing to Serve.” Dr. Shetty made rapid progress in this endeavor.

A dentist who has an artistic hand is more successful and sought after. Since Dr. Shetty belongs to an artiste’s family, he is blessed with a very good hand and has been successful as a cosmetic and family dentist.

Since 1972, Dr. Shetty attended almost all the CDE Programs conducted by Indian Dental Association and M.C.O.D.S (Manipal, Mangalore. This helped him to update his knowledge of advance technique on the latest dental materials. Because of this his patients benefited mostly.

Dr Shetty’s main Hobby is traveling around the world and gaining vast knowledge on dentistry. He visited USA twice and stayed there nearly a year (1990 and 2004).During his stay he visited many dental clinics, hospitals and observed the differences in treatment methods, materials, system etc. So, now you can observe the western and Indian blend in the new clinic.

This year, Dr. Shetty completes 39 years of Dental Practice.